Horticultural lighting

Designed for a controlled environment requiring a uniform and highly efficient photosynthetic flux density level, our superior green lighting solutions optimize the growth rate of your plants for the best performance in the industry.

High performance lighting solutions
for horticulture

  • Minimalist design for quick and easy installation
  • Ideal for all stages of growth
  • Cover more square feet than any other LED light in the industry
  • Proven results and IP65 certified security
  • 5 years warranty
  • Customizable spectrum, duration and intensity
  • Efficiency greater than 2.3umol / J.
  • Water resistant and perfect for wet location
  • ETL, LM-79, CE and OSRAM LEDS, LM-80 certifications

Maximize growth,
branching and flowering faster

  • Greenhouse culture
  • Vertical Farms
  • Cannabis
  • High-quality vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.)
  • Cut flowers
  • Potted plants
  • Multiplication / breeding
  • Indoor agriculture
  • Urban agriculture
  • Seed reproduction

Our products

Spec – FKX series
Led Grow Light

Cultivation of flowers, vegetables, fruits and marijuana

Fanless design, perfect for greenhouse cultivation, easy to connect in series while deploying 60% more PPFD while decreasing energy consumption and BTU by 47%.

Spec – FLM series
Led Grow Light

Leafy vegetables (vertical farm)
and Cannabis (culture, genetics and multiplication)

Broad spectrum light, fanless design, slim and easy to install, suitable for planting in shelves, this lighting enhances the PPFD by 35%, decreases energy consumption by 35% and BTU by 50%.

Spec – FloraMax series
Genetics, multiplication, vegetation and flowering

Fanless, slim design, compact and foldable 180 degrees, easy to install and connect in series.

Spec – FN series
Led Grow Light for Nursery

Leafy vegetables (vertical farm)

and Cannabis (culture, genetics and multiplication)

With its linear and slim design simplifying installation in DIY mode, this product offers 35% more PPFD while reducing power consumption and BTU by 22%.

Spec – Horti-UV Plus
Indoor Farming

Take the green turn

FUTUR VERT products – with high quality ecological components – allow you to:


Save energy


Reduce your maintenance costs


Reduce your environmental footprint


Promote the growth and influence of your company

Why us?

At the forefront for 10 years, Futur Vert specializes in the design of high-quality LED lighting solutions. Aimed at reducing your maintenance costs, increasing energy savings and reducing the environmental footprint, our state-of-the-art technologies are certified to the highest industry standards and optimize the growth of your business.

Looking for an optimal solution in ecological lighting?