About us

FUTUR VERT: at the forefront for almost 10 years

Created in 2009, FUTUR VERT is a manufacturer of ecological lighting systems. We design the products we sell ourselves. Our products are subject to the stringent quality control standards of Canada.

FUTUR VERT meets all your lighting needs with ecological products. Our know-how is based on a design office, on-the-ground skills and experienced teams who share the same enthusiasm.

Respect for the environment is our primary value. The ecological transition is in walk and we are part of it!

Our mission

The mission of FUTUR VERT is to propose concrete solutions to facilitate the transition from the old energy-consuming lighting systems to ecological lighting systems as a healthy and fair alternative for our planet.

Toujours à l’affût de la fine pointe des technologies dans l’éclairage écologique, FUTUR VERT ne cesse jamais de s’innover afin d’être à l’avant-garde pour répondre aux plus hauts standards des professionnels de l’industrie de l’éclairage.

Our vision

Looking forward with optimism and in every day gesture, in partnership with our municipalities, our businesses, our public services and our private services, FUTUR VERT will have contributed to the transition to ecological lighting systems thus promoting preservation. of our environment.

Our values

FUTUR VERT makes life easier for its customers, by meeting the most demanding standards of the green lighting industry, with our products, our expertise and our impeccable service.

Our values:

  • Know how
  • Quality
  • Engagement
  • Availability
  • Responsibility
  • Trust
  • Client satisfaction

Another of our main values is eco-responsibility. FUTURE VERT promotes and facilitates the integration of sustainable development principles and eco-responsible practices into all of its activities.

FUTUR VERT employees and employees all share a strong commitment to protecting and preserving our environment for the future of our younger generation.



Martin started his career in aviation. With over 16 years of experience, he has played an important role in logistics and customer service at Bombardier. Recognized as an innovative leader and creative visionary, Martin is always on the lookout for new technologies and the latest trends on agronomy research and studies. Martin gives the team a cutting edge when it comes to integrating his know-how and positioning Futur Vert as a world leader in the industry in high-performance and superior quality LED grow lights.

Marketing and Business Development,
Latin America

With over 20 years of experience in the field and comprehensive foreign market knowledge, César has taken part in the development of several Canadian companies on the international scene, particularly in East Africa and Latin America. Having participated in several trade missions organized by the Canadian government, César has extensive field experience in logistics, as well as a wealth of knowledge acquired during international stays.

César works for Futur Vert as Marketing and Business Development Manager for the Latin American market.

Sales Representative

His 25 years of experience in the field of indoor cultivation, retail and wholesale (including 12 years at Général Hydroponique) allowed Jean-Sébastien to acquire extensive knowledge in production, propagation, irrigation, pest detection and pest control. Having visited a large number of retailers across Canada and the United States, Jean-Sébastien has also participated in several exhibitions as an exhibitor. His passion for plant production is quite impressive.

Master Grower

As a contractor in aircraft structural maintenance for over 20 years, a highly regulated industry, Dominic is the go-to person to solve major problems within a tight deadline. His perseverance and work ethic have earned him great recognition in his field of expertise.

His passion for cannabis began many years ago. He has made it a full-time career, primarily as a technical consultant for Futur Vert, testing equipment and offering valuable advice to buyers.

Always on the lookout for trends and regulations in the cannabis industry, Dominic focuses on organic cannabis in order to produce a higher profile of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Sales Representative

Lyle has over 13 years of experience in the commercial construction industry, as a Red Seal electrician, experienced site foreman, safety coordinator and electrical construction estimator.

An avid cannabis grower, product tester and community mentor, Lyle has received several awards for growing cannabis, including« Diary of the year 2020 », « Grower of the month 2020 » et « Diary of the Month 2020 » via GrowDiaries.com.

Sales Representative

With over 10 years of retail and international sales experience, Jesse is recognized as a proactive and dynamic representative. This passionate cannabis grower has over 20 years of experience and extensive knowledge in horticulture, cannabis strains, top-quality products and consistency in production.

Jesse is a great listener and quickly identifies customer and business needs. He builds lasting relationships that translate into successful business transactions for the expansion of the business.

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